Custom Commands
get Functions
gets a Value from Object or ...
List of get Functions: $getChannelSlowmode,$getEmbed,$getMessage,$getObject,$getObjectProperty,$getReactions,$getRoleColor,$getServerInvite,$getTextSplitLength,$getUserBadges

$getChannelSlowmode[channelid] or $getChannelSlowmode

gets the Slowmode for the channel in the given id or the channelUsed


pls check Options-> embeds .This will output the value you need like description would output the Description of the Embed


pls check Options-> message .This will output the value you need like content would output the content of the message


outputs all object property


outputs the value of the added Key


returns which user reacted on the message with the emoji in type of mention id or name you have choose
$getReactions[638263892081;3186381263882;🧨;id] would output 68968879890434344,6778667867867867


outputs the role color in hex


outputs a invite and creates one if there are none


returns the length of a Text
// would output 3


output the badges the user has like $getUserBadges[34334232434232] would output House of Balances
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