Message functions
this function returns message value
Message Functions $message, $messageAttachment ,$messageExists $messageFlags, $messageSlice, $messageType ,$messageWebhookID,$messageID,$filterMessage

$message[numberofargs] or $message

will return the message of the user or the argument position


returns the message Attachment url


returns a boolean true/false .If the messageExists it would return true


slices the message from x or from x to y


returns the message Type


returns the message webhook id

$messagePublish[channelid;messageid] or $messagePublish

publishes the message in a announcement channels with given channel and message if or the currentchannel


returns the message id of the message sent by the user


this function removes the value from the text

$awaitMessages[id;time(s);everything;token;Command Timed out]

starts a message collector and collects the message and executes the cc with the token
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