Custom Commands
User(member) functions
this functions returns value like id or data, check related for more info
User functions: $userAvatar ,$userExists, $userID, $username ,$userPerms, $userRoles, $usersBanned ,$usersInChannel ,$usersWithRole, $userTag,$memberJoinedDate,$membersCount,$authorID,$changeNickname,$botCount,$botTyping,$discriminator,$username,$nickname,$authorAvatar
Some of the functions requires caching.This means if you want to get data of a user ,which is not in the the user who used the command is in the cache. Therefore you have to use: $cacheMember[userid] This is only required if you retrieve value not for roles add or kick or ban

$userAvatar[userID;size(optional);dynamic(optional)] or $userAvatar

returns the user Avatar from the given id or the author


returns a Boolean true/false.If the user exits it would be true


returns the userid of the user with name

$userPerms[userid] or $userPerms

returns all permission of the given id or the author
Rake testing User Perms command


or $userRoles

returns the roles of the User in the format way choose like if you want to mention the Role,you will have to choose mentions.The default seperator is , you can change it too. $userRoles only gives the role of the User


returns Boolean true/false.True if the user is banned.

$usersInChannel[channelID;id/username/mention(optional);separator (optional)]

returns which Users are in Channel.Like $userRoles you can choose which value it should return and separator too

$usersWithRole[roleid;separator (optional)]

returns which Userswith the given roleid.Like $userRoles you can choose the separator too.

$userTag[userid] or $userTag

returns the tag of the user with the given id or the author

$memberJoinedDate[userid;date/time(optional)] or $memberJoinedDate

returns the date the member Joined in date or time or from the current Author
Output of time


return the number of members in the guild


returns the author id


changes the nickname of a User with the given id or the author when none provided


returns the number of Bots in the server


the bot types in the channel for 2 seconds


returns the user discriminator like 6882

$username[userid] or $username

returns the username with the given id or the current user

$nickname[userid] or $nickname

returns the nickname with the given id or the current user in the guild


returns the author Avatar


returns the presence of the user.Works only for Custom Bot invisible,dnd,online,offline
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