Custom Commands
Custom Command is highly configurable.


You have to set a channelused for custom commands with trigger Interval/Member add/Member leave or if you want to output Errors or returned Value in an other channel.
You want more Specific Ignore Channels or Ids or Perm System then check only and blacklist functions. They have more features

Run Only in Channels

I have pressed the button 😉
Only Runs in the channels/categories you have selected

Ignore Roles

this is useful when you want to ignore Roles like a member Role.
just select the Roles you want to ignore

Minimum Permission

To execute custom Command you can set Minimum Permission.Default is Admin.Else it will ignore the user if he does not have the permission.
min. Perms Field

Cloneable Code

you need this if you want to share Custom Commands with the community. Just turn on the toggle and share you token.
Toggle Cloneable Code


This field identifies the name of the Custom Command. It gives you more Structure
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