Custom Commands
What is a trigger? The trigger starts an execution of a custom command. If it meets specific requirements it will trigger the command

All triggertypes/events

  • Message : triggers if a User sends a message
  • Reaction: triggers if a User reacts on a message
  • Join/leave: triggers if a User joins or leaves your Server
  • Interval: triggers on a provided interval
  • Timed: triggers on a provided Time/Date
  • Voice join/leave: triggers if a User joins/leaves a voice channel
  • Button: triggers: if a User clicks a created Button from the Bot
  • Role add/remove: If a User gets a Role added/removed ,it can trigger a custom command
The trigger are highly configurable. So you can select Message as triggertype and !help as trigger. Which would trigger the Custom Command, if a user uses !help.


message trigger supports
  • Exact Match
  • ​Regex​
  • Starts with (you need a | after your trigger)


It would trigger, if the user sends hello
execute it if the regex matches with it

Exact Match

The Message must be same as the trigger
execute it if the msg is hello will not work if the message is hello Rake

Starts with | Command

like for example for a kick command you need arguments .!kick @Rake .So @Rake would be the first argument
execute it if the message starts with hello
For more info:
You can trigger on all message too by using %all% as trigger


The cc gets executed ,when a member reacts to a message. You can specify if it should trigger on reaction add / remove or on a specific message(You have to use the id for it)
execute it if somebody adds the reaction πŸ‘
execute it if somebody removes the reaction πŸ‘
execute it if somebody add/remove the reaction πŸ‘
execute it if .. a/r the reaction πŸ‘ on the message with the given id
There a possibility add,πŸ‘=8797908908088 too, which will only trigger on reaction add to the message with id 8797...

Member add/leave

member trigger is useful, when you want to execute cc like for Example Welcome Message or Role add. Therefore you have to set the triggertype on Join/Leave. There are Options to execute cc only on join or leave. Just set the trigger add and it will only execute by Member join or remove for Member Leave. For Both: leave the field empty.
This will execute ,when a member joins
This will execute,when a member leaves


Interval trigger is useful, when you want to execute cc every x minutes. Set the trigger type at Interval and set the time in minutes you want to execute the command(6 min minimum). Pls check Interval/Timed for more info
Don't forget to set channelUsed, else the bot can't send any messages


Timed Event only get executed onetime after it execution you can let it delete itself by choosing delete as trigger. If the field is empty the Custom Command will not get deleted
Pls check Interval/Timed for more info
Don't forget to set channelUsed, else the bot can send any messages

Voice join/leave

The cc gets executed when a user joins a voice channel or leaves it. You can set Trigger to:
  • join executes only if somebody joins a vc
  • leave executes only if somebody leaves a vc
  • empty executes on both
executes on voice join
executes on voice leave
executes on voice join and leave


Button is like reaction Trigger. It is quite useful since it is highly customizable and you don't have to remove the reaction anymore
Set the trigger as the Button id of the created Button. You can use multiple Buttons by splitting it with | like id|id2|id3 or by using regex
executes when the button with the id = customid got clicked
For creating Buttons pls check Button functions​

Role add/remove

Role add/remove ,compares the old user with the new. That's why the user must be cached ,to check which role got added. To cache the Member: The Member have to execute a Custom Command like type of reaction, message and so on .
When a Bot/Moderator adds a Role to a User it can trigger a Custom Command. This can be used for Server Boost tracking too or Configuration with other Bots.
triggers on role add and remove
The number is roleid ,It is still possible to use the rolename
You can specify,if it should trigger on Role add or remove by adding add, or remove, before the role(id/name)

Using role trigger for Server Boost tracking

1.Get the role id in Server Settings and set as Trigger add,roleid
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